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Corporate & SME Leased Line Internet

A leased line connection provides you with a dedicated point to point high speed connection so you can build networks for performance-sensitive applications or use it as a data highway between your key office and the data centre.


Does your business require secure and reliable point-to-point Leased Line connection?

Do you require guaranteed bandwidth for your mission critical applications and video or collaboration services?

  • Flexible speeds ranging from 64kbps to T-1 (1.5 Mbps) and 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Reliability up to 99.999%
  • Stable, permanent connection
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreements for peace of mind
  • Seamless integration with your existing network
  • Solutions to meet your budget and requirements
  • Readily scalable bandwidth to future-proof your business
  • 24×7 monitoring of connection quality and bandwidth utilization
  • FREE email anti virus and anti spam

Certain applications such as point-to-point voice communications and real time access business or customer data are critical to your day to day operations. These vital tools must always be available at guaranteed speed 24×7 with no room for instability and downtime. That is why you need a single open Leased line circuit, which spans short or long distances depending on your needs.

WaveWire is committed to delivering quality leased line connections. Our customer service model begins with an expert solutions sales team, and a fully project managed provisioning process to ensure seamless connectivity, all supported by our 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Why choose WaveWire ? Affordable, reliability, availability and locally managed service enjoyment.

Use the Information below for "why choose us. Sign Up Now!

Please Call us on 922754 WAVE or EMAIL.

Why your Business need Leased Line ?

In recent years, technology has advanced so rapidly that the Internet and businesses would not survive on a traditional dial-up connection. Businesses can save time and money by using conference calling and hosted VoIP (voice over IP) solutions rather than traveling to meet long-distant clients or colleagues.

Many businesses solely depend upon the Internet for a variety of daily activities. Not only does a leased line provide a highly reliable level of connectivity, in addition, your business will become more productive and more profitable.

The Internet provides an instant and accessible set of resources and tools for many businesses. For instants, many businesses use e-mail, online banking and Internet marketing to promote their business. Business owners and directors are constantly looking to make their business more effective whilst maintaining a productive workforce.

A vast majority of organizations use SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications including: Skype, Google Apps and perhaps Salesforce in their daily activities. Over time, businesses will be become even more reliant on Internet technologies to manage their business.

We ready to Help you to take first step ahead towards highly dedicated leased line option.

Please Call us on 922754 WAVE or EMAIL.

How WaveWire Connect your Business on Leased line ?

Wavewire try to provide you best possible connectivity to connect you to with our dedicated Leased line Data center NOC.

Connectivity Via Fiber Optic:


Connectivity Via MIMO Wireless:


Also Last-Mile connection availability depends upon Area and Location but 98% wave can connect your site as per requirement or already connected with latest fiber or wireless technology so you need to just give us a call to convert your slow Internet Connection into high standard digital connectivity and enhance digital experience with Wavewire high speed dedicated Leased Line.

Please Call us on 922754 WAVE or EMAIL.

How Much Installation I Need to Pay ?

WaveWire first priorities to focus on Quality of service and as per our policy,leased line client is our fortune. SO, from the start up, we try to install state of the art technology to give you access without worry about capacity or data loss in internet connectivity.

Installation charges depends upon location. However we have flexible installation charge so please call us, we for sure work out for solution.

Please Call us on 922754 WAVE or EMAIL.

How to Sign Up or Ask for Proposal ?

Please call us or Email us and within 24 hours our Business Manger get back to you with appropriate proposal with all require solution.
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