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Rollout your Campus into High Speed Broadband

Wavewire convert your campus into Wi-Fi or High Speed Cable network to connect all offices and houses to access high speed internet.

In today’s internet era, mostly everything works on internet and the people sharing and getting information very very fast. SO, in this generation people need high speed and reliable internet to stay in touch.

This all possible in our world without paying one single penny extra.

Why choose WaveWire ?

We have solution to convert your campus with into high speed HUB in monthly affordable cost and in this cost you never get any other provider to serve you with all including features.

we can give All Connect all your campus technology gadgets in monthly Capped prices, reliability, availability and locally managed service enjoinment with worry free internet. SO, just call us and we save your hard earn money and we give you good service in affordable price.

Use the Information below. call us for proposal or  Sign Up Now!

What is advantage of Campus Rollout ?

There are many advantage in Campus rollout to get good service management, affordable costing and easy billing plan. check out below most advantage of Campus broadband rollout.

  • Access to High Speed Internet from 1mbps to 5mbps or even more.
  • High Speed networks allow you to add extra feature such as File server, Web application and platform which run any cloud service
  • Worker also work from home as well with VPN.
  • no extra charge, affordable cost, reliable and bunch of other solution.

How we connect your Campus Rollout into High Speed HUB ?

Wave works with your current system directly on LAN without any router or extra hardware. also Wave also provide or setup Office or Campus- WiFi System on Affordable cost to convert your Office into Wifi Office to access wave internet broadband anywhere around your Office and attach as many Gadgets as you want.
Also Last-Mile connection availability depends upon Area and Location but 98% wave can connect your site as per requirement or already connected with latest fiber or wireless technology so you need to just give us a call to convert your slow digital life into high standard social digital life and enhance digital experience with Wavewire high speed internet broadband speed.

What Is Broadband Speed Means?

Wavewire always trying to maintain Ratio about Broadband as per Telecom standard but its our responsibility to provide our client information about broadband ratio(1:8).

Every ISP using " UPTO " word because in as per broadband terms service provider never committed speed ratio in broadband and also client not claim anything about it because its completely depends on ISP server and router traffic, your area node traffic and 50% your system due to registry or maintenance issues.

SO, Client need to understand that ISP gives you access high speed but if traffic increase at any point your internet speed will automatically share and there is no speed commitment in speed. As per WaveWire point of view we suggest our all client to download first any download accelator such as INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER and then check your speed.

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