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WaveWire VOIP FaQ

Wavewire trying hard to update all routine problem to help user to try by themself and fix problem quickly.

What is VoIP?

Some people call it VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol or a broadband phone service. They're all different ways of describing the latest technology that allows you to save on your phone bill. You make and receive phone calls just like you did before, using a regular phone but instead of your calls being delivered over a regular phone line they travel over your high speed internet connection.

How Does VoIP Work?

Wave voice connects directly to your broadband internet connection. You simply plug an Wave Voice Box into your broadband modem-router and then plug your telephone handset into the Voice Box. Say goodbye to your old phone company and start calling the new way – over the internet, with wavewire.

Unlike some VoIP services, with wavewire your computer doesn't need to be switched on to make a call. So long as your broadband connection is operating, you will be able to call with wavewire.

You Can Call Anywhere With Wavewire

Some VoIP services are only for calling between broadband connected computers. That's not the case with Wavewire. We pass your calls from the internet to the regular phone networks, so you can call people on their mobiles, or at home on a standard phone line and when you do call another Wave user its FREE.


Calling ID

If your phone has a Calling ID display screen, you will be able to see the number of the person calling you before you answer (or don't answer) your phone. Note if the person calling blocks their caller ID, you won't be able to see it

Anonymous Call Reject

You can set up your phone to automatically reject calls from people who block their caller ID

Caller ID

When making an outbound call, your phone number will be presented to the person on the other end, provided they have Calling ID enabled on their side (better get them to sign up for a engin service!)

Caller ID block

If you don't want the person you are calling to see your number, you can block Caller ID either all the time, or on a call by call basis

Call Waiting

While you are on a call, the call waiting beep will advise you of another call waiting to be answered

Three Way Calling

Enables you to conference in a third person to a call

Call Forwarding

You can set your phone up to forward incoming calls to another number

Do Not Disturb

If you need some peace and quiet, you can send all incoming calls directly to voicemail


When you are unable to answer a call, engin voicemail will take a message for you. You can then listen to the voicemail over the phone


Receive an email alert when a new voicemail arrives. The email will also contain a sound file of the voicemail that you can listen to right on your computer

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